Mediation Collaboration and other Non Court Procedures

Mediation is a procedure where you and your former partner attend before a Mediator to attempt to negotiate a dispute you may have whether that be a dispute as to the time you spend with your children, the dividing of property of a marriage, a civil debt or any other dispute. The Mediation will usually be confidential and held in a neutral place to ensure there are no unfair advantages to any party.

Collaboration involves parties who have a dispute to work with Collaborative Professionals whether that be lawyers or Counsellors to work through each element of their dispute so that a conclusion can be achieved that all parties can live with.

These processes involve the parties actively working together to achieve an outcome that may not be their first choice but is a choice that they can walk away with so that each party can move forward from the dispute without having incurred the costs and stress of a Court process.

Not all disputes can be solved through these types of procedures and we can assist you to determine what will be the most cost efficient and effective method to use to ensure a conclusion is reached for your dispute. We take the time to listen to the facts that make up the dispute and what is the outcome that you would like to achieve. We ensure all preliminary issues such as values, valuations and quantities are obtained so that you are fully informed and ready to achieve the result you are after.

Joe O’Hare is a trained Mediator who also undertakes pro Bono work as Mediator for QPILCH ( a not for profit organisation) in Federal Court matters.
Joe has the level of expertise to ensure if you wish to have a Mediation it will have the best possible chance of success. Call Joe on (07)32668999 to see which procedure can assist you.

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