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Disputes arise in many environments be they work professional or personal. We have the experienced lawyers to effectively manage and provide a guide to the resolution of disputes in a timely, realistic and cost effective manner.

We have the experience to understand that whilst the thought of the pressure and imposition of litigating a matter through the Courts may be extreme we can guide you through whichever process will achieve the outcome you desire to ensure it is convenient and trouble free to allow you to carry on with your business. Of course no one wishes to face the pressures associated with litigation and we will of course always propose Alternative Dispute Resolution strategies in the first instance. We will however not maintain a process that is not achieving an outcome for you.

We examine your circumstances and will provide you with realistic and cost effective strategies for whichever dispute resolution or litigation process will achieve your desired outcome. O’HARE LAW has the Litigation Expertise and knowledge to negotiate litigation whether that be complex Commercial Litigation or simple civil Litigation quickly and efficiently and ensuring that at the heart of those processes is the outcome and Goals that are seeking to be achieved.

We represent clients in disputes ranging from relatively small local matters to large complex lawsuits. We have the resources and associations with professionals in the litigation field to ensure that your likelihood of success is determined at an early time and ensuring that all means that are available to you are used to protect your entitlement.

We can assist with recovery of outstanding debts, recovery of demands, recovery of damage to property, recovery of damages or loss caused by negligence or carelessness, recovery of damages for breach of contract, enforcement of rights under a contract, maintenance or enforcement of a trust or equitable rights, and recovery of personal injury or other damages.

Our experience includes appearing for national and international insurers and big and small businesses in litigious actions in Queensland New South Wales and Victoria. 

We are able to streamline the litigation process to ensure it is effective and cost efficient.

We are aware of the requirments of insurers/businesses and are able to adapt our systems to ensure our reporting aligns with your  systems.

Whilst our approach to litigation is aggresive Joseph O’Hare the principal ensures all alternate dispute resolution precedures are utilized to ensure the desired outcome is achieved.

Joseph O’Hare as the principal of the firm is a registered Controlling Trustee and is able to convene meetings held under Part X of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (as amended).

Joseph O’Hare has been holding meetings pursuant to the Bankruptcy Act for the last 14 years and has substantial experience and expertise in dealing with matters relating to the Bankruptcy Act and the Corporations Law.

We are aware of the requirements of the major financial institutions and the Australian Tax Office in putting forward proposals and ensuring your proposal has the best prospect of being accepted by your creditors. 

If you are contemplating proceeding into Bankruptcy/liquidation or have a insolvency issue Joseph O’Hare has the expertise to advise you as to the likely consequences and a strategy that suits your circumstances.

Prior to communicating with that creditor or Court or Solicitor for the creditor it is usually worthwhile to give Joe a call and determine what is the best course to take to ensure that the action that is taken is the best result you could hope to achieve.

After over 25 years Joseph O’Hare has appeared in numerous Courts in Queensland and in New South Wales and Victoria. Joseph O’Hare has appeared in the Magistrates Court throughout Queensland, the Local Court in New South Wales, the Magistrates Court in Victoria, District Court applications and Supreme Court applications in Brisbane, Federal Circuit Court in Brisbane, Family Court in Brisbane in applications and has appeared in a number of trials in the Magistrates Court and District Court in Brisbane.

Joe has also undertaken trials in respect of domestic violence proceedings in having orders being made or alternatively, defeating an application for orders to be made

Joe has numerous barristers that he briefs from Junior Counsel to Senior Counsel to ensure you have the best representation to suit your issues.

Joe has also appeared on behalf of clients in trials mentions and applications before the State and Federal Courts. 

Should you require representation then Joe O’Hare can appear in any State and Federal Court and ensure your case achieves its best possible outcome. 

As a small firm we can provide a fixed fee or a ceiling for costs to ensure it is also cost effective.

With this substantial experience in advocacy and appearances in Court, Joseph O’Hare has the knowledge of the Evidence Act and the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules to ensure expert representation.

Take advantage of our fixed fee arrangements in respect of appearances as follows:-
1.Interim or mention dates – fixed fee $ 990.00
2. Domestic violence hearings – fixed fee $1,750.00
3.Traffic appearances, mentions $ 220.00

We also undertake fixed fee arrangements in respect of trials and are happy to provide you a quote should you have the requirement to attend Court.

O’HARE LAW have experienced Lawyers who undertake debt recovery actions for individuals to small businesses to medium sized Corporations.

Our experienced Litigation Lawyers will provide a efficient and cost effective debt recovery service which aligns with your requirements whether that be as to costs, reporting or staged progression.

We ensure that time limits in demands are strictly maintained to ensure that any recovery is undertaken as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We provide the following services:
◾Preparation of or reviewing your standard applications for credit, invoice terms and conditions or other documents to ensure they are up to date and will include terms that will for example protect your goods should payment not be made
◾Preparation of lodgement of security documents such as caveats and mortgages over debtors assets to protect outstanding debts or goods
◾Sourcing and making enquiries as to debtors assets or means-Preparation and registration of security interests under the Personal Properties Security Register
◾Preparing and issuing letters of demand or Statutory demands/notices to Corporations giving strict time frames
◾Undertaking legal proceedings as required
◾Undertaking preliminary processes such as Summary Judgement to end proceedings early
◾Registration of Property Seizure and Sale Orders
◾Negotiation by way of the ADR dispute process

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